Our Story

From our humble beginnings in a food truck in 2015 to our expansion into restaurants in Orlando, Tacos My Guey has always been driven by one passion: to offer an authentic experience of Mexican cuisine in a cozy and modern setting. While tacos are our specialty, we proudly serve a variety of Mexican dishes, each bursting with traditional flavors. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to enhance life through the rich tastes and vibrant culture of Mexico.


To provide an authentic and modern experience of Mexican flavors, enriching our customers' lives with every dish served. We are committed to maintaining a welcoming atmosphere and using innovation to continuously improve the customer experience.


To be recognized as the most innovative and desired fast-casual Mexican restaurant, living the philosophy of "Enjoy Tacos, Enjoy Life". We aspire to be a benchmark in the industry and an exemplary workplace


  • Authenticity: Maintaining genuineness in every flavor and dish
  • Innovation: Constantly seeking ways to improve and surprise our customers.
  • Quality and Service: Committing to excellence in every aspect of our operation.
  • Collaboration and Growth: Fostering a team environment and personal and professional development./font

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